How do UTCs/PRCs register for Public Mutual UTC Connect?

1. To register for Public Mutual UTC Connect, UTCs/PRCs are required to:-
  1. Complete and submit a copy of the Public Mutual UTC Connect application form at any Public Mutual branch. UTCs/PRCs can download the "Public Mutual UTC Connect application" form which is available in the UTC Connect login page.
    For security reasons, we need UTCs/PRCs to submit the application form personally at any Public Mutual branch and bring along their MyKad for verification purposes.
  1. Through PBe Personal Banking (only available for PBebank Subscriber). UTCs/PRCs can access the PBe Personal Banking via Public Bank Website ( to register for Public Mutual UTC Connect with the following steps:-
  1. Click 'Login' (located at the top right corner of Public Bank Website Homepage)
  2. Key in UTCs/PRCs PBebank User ID and Password
  3. Click "INVESTMENT" Icon
  4. Click "Public Mutual Unit Trust"
  5. Click "Register Public Mutual UTC Connect"
  6. Click "Proceed".
2. Once we have processed the application, UTCs/PRCs will receive an email notification to click on the hyperlink - ‘Click here to register UTC Connect online!’ which is available on the UTC Connect login page. Thereafter, UTCs/PRCs may create the password via online and login to UTC Connect.
Should you require further information or any assistance, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions in the login page. Alternatively you may contact us at our Agent Service Hotline 03 - 2022 6300 or email us at
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